A quest-based hovercraft game

You’ve got a fast hovercraft and a heavy debt. Also the world is falling apart.

As a smuggler in a society in which travel, trade, and technology are highly regulated and virtually inaccessible for most, your deliveries could decide the fate of your world.

Now Available for PlayStation®4 and Steam

First-Look Gameplay Trailer

April 30th, 2015

We’ve just updated our Steam Greenlight page to show off the all-new SmuggleCraft First-Look Gameplay Trailer video! You’ll notice the aesthetic is a bit different from the original art test video we posted with our announcement. We’ve added in some gorgeous new lighting, track pieces, visual effects, and some stellar sound effects. You’ll also get a preview of the two-player split-screen competitive race mode.

Take a look at the gameplay video below, and give us a vote on Greenlight to help us make Steam a reality for SmuggleCraft.

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